Project Overview

This site is the archive for the Services to the Cloud knowledge transfer project (2011-2014), which was funded under the Scottish Funding Council's Horizon initiative. The project was a collaboration between St Andrews University, Robert Gordon University and several Scottish SMEs (mostly from the Oil & Gas industry). The basic aim of the project was to develop advice and tools to help software product developers, in particular, migrate their products to the cloud.

Migrating products to the cloud and delivering the functionality as services provides a way for software developers to expand  into new markets. The cost to customers is reduced and moved from capital expenditure to operational expenditure, whilst the developer's production and support costs are also reduced because they only need to support one version of the product, rather than one per customer. Cloud migration also simplifies the delivery of products to customers around the world and reduces hosting costs for the software companies.

Project results

All of the results of the project are accessible from this site:
  • This video (3 minutes) from Professor Ian Sommerville describes some of our experiences of SMEs moving their products to the cloud.
  • The whitepapers cover general issues that were identified as initial concerns by the project partners (such as security, and governance).
  • The case study reports describe the specific issues that were investigated in more detail during a series of 12 week long case studies.
  • The presentations and "how to" slide sets cover some of the talks given by the members of the project, and provide overviews of using the cloud for managers, and for developers.
  • The Cost and Revenue Estimation Toolkit (Services2Cloud) provides a way to investigate the costs and revenues associated with delivering products and services through the cloud.
  • A report on the Workshop that was held in Edinburgh at the end of the project.
  • A short information pack that provides an overview of the project and the cost and revenue estimation toolkit as well as a summary for each of the case studies.
  • Published articles (journal articles, conference papers and book chapters) relating to the work carried out on the project.


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