New events (September 2014)

Cloud user group, inaugural meeting (Satrosphere, Aberdeen, Sept. 29th, 12:00-14:00).

Project Overview

Using the cloud effectively to deliver software and services is important for small and medium sized software product development companies, particularly those operating in vertical sectors such as transport or oil and gas. The aim of this knowledge exchange project, that involved St Andrews University, Robert Gordon University and a number of Scottish companies was to develop advice and tools to help software product companies migrate these products to the cloud.

Companies may currently have high-value software products with a strong existing client base. However,  extending this customer base, however, is difficult and expensive and the costs of product support are continually increasing. Migrating products to the cloud and delivering the functionality as cloud services offers the potential to develop a wider global market for the products without consequent increases in support and development costs. Cloud migration also simplifies the delivery of products to customers around the world and reduces hosting costs for the software companies.

 The project started in 2011, funded by the Scottish Funding Council's Horizon initiative and finished in 2014. You can download a one page flyer for the project, which provides a summary of what the project is about, and how we can help software developers who are thinking about moving their products to the cloud.

This short video (3 minutes) from Professor Ian Sommerville describes some of our experiences in working with SMEs transferring their products to the cloud.

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Project results

All of the results of the project are accessible from this site.
  • The whitepapers cover general issues that were identified as initial concerns by the project partners (such as security, and governance).
  • The case study reports describe the specific issues that were investigated in more detail during a series of 12 week long case studies.
  • The presentations and "how to" slide sets cover some of the talks given by the members of the project, and provide overviews of using the cloud for managers, and for developers.
  • The Cost and Revenue Estimation Toolkit (Services2Cloud) provides a way to investigate the costs and revenues associated with delivering products and services through the cloud.


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